Ingrid J. Kurnig

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Commissioned Works

The artist will gladly accept commissions for works with themes and motifs of your choice. These may be traditional subjects incuding

  • portraits,
  • favourite landscapes,
  • your home, your pets, ...

or tailored to your very personal tastes and requirements for example

  • paintings after your favourite pieces of music,
  • paintings about Energising, centring and revitalising your inner self,
  • design of unusual business cards,
  • magazine covers.

Upon request, she will execute commissioned work using colours of your choice or preferred technique (oil, acrylics, pastels, crayons, ink, reddle & bistre).

Contact with the artist:
via e-mail (
or telephone (+43 676 41 23 578).

  Amy und Angie 
50 × 60 cm
oil painting
commissioned work

(Amy and Angie are border terriers.)