Ingrid J. Kurnig

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  Evelyn Petros Gumpel in Austria Today, 15 Feb. 2000:  

VIC Art Club shows works of Austrian artist Ingrid J. Kurnig

An impressive exhibition of collage-graphics, lithographs, and oil-paintings by Klagenfurt-born artist Ingrid J. Kurnig opened last Tuesday at the UN. ... Kurnig, who began her artistic career as a photographer, studied painting, etching, lithography and print-making in Salzburg, Vienna, and the USA, under such distinguished artists as Giselbert Hoke and Kunito Nagaoka.

The UN exhibit showcases Kurnig's masterly versatility. Her Japanese-influenced collage-graphics like Explosion in a Chemical Laboratory and Mohnfische reveal a gentle, refined sense of colour and form, while her exuberant colour-lithographs like Bracio Mi with its burnt-orange viola, and Beflügelte Nächte with its black piano, run riot with vibrant, pulsing, musical line. In oil-paintings like The Sea is Black Kurnig is almost Van-Gogh-esque in her vigorous use of colour and brush stroke. ...