Ingrid J. Kurnig

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Ingrid J. Kurnig has a preference for two forms of artistic expression. Oil paintings and graphic art prints. The latter mainly because of their diversity of technical possibilities.

The work processes of the two techniques are also distinct in their duration. An oil painting takes time. The painter puts it away for a while, returns to it, touches it up time and again, and very slowly the painting will mature.

Graphic art is quite different. The prints come across light-footedly, with spontaneity, playfulness, and cheeriness. As if there were no work involved.

And yet the aim is joy. When that goal is reached, the whole painstaking process of work drops off. What remains is the play with language, the play with space and colour, the joy of reducing and baffling. These works give the impression of suspended elegance, a lightness of being that can be explained only by high density of expression and clear intent. The titles of the works, totally sophisticated and funny, reflect the joy of the productive process.

Translated from the article of
Dr. Isabella Ackerl, art historian
in: alpha 105 (Jan/Feb 2006) p. 16